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Committed to making you outrageously successful

Infor Services is a global organization with end-to-end accountability for optimizing the value of your Infor investments. Comprising more than 5,300 professionals who currently support customers in 168 countries, we bring deep product and technical expertise, extensive industry experience, and the full force of Infor's resources to the task of making you outrageously successful. From initial deployment and day-to-day optimization to big picture thinking and proactive strategizing, you can rely on us to provide the depth and breadth of experience needed turn vision into reality. We are passionately committed to earning your loyalty every single dayin everything we do.

  • End-to-end accountability for your success
  • Deep and broad product, industry, and technical expertise
  • Global footprint
  • Accelerated return on your investments

Infor Services



3,200+ Consultants

Support Professionals

1,200+ support professionals




168 Countries supported

years of experience

9.1 Average years of experience

cloud customers

4,700+ cloud customers


1,248+ go lives last year

knowledge-base articles

1M Knowledge base articles

Our Services

Our comprehensive set of services is designed to help you succeed at every stage of your engagement with Infor.

Our Advisory Services resources use their industry expertise and strategic business knowledge to help you incorporate best practices and approach old business models in fresh ways. This group of experts gives you continual access to some of the best minds in the technology world-and in your own industryallowing you to tap into innovation and stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Business consulting
  • Value Engineering
  • Organizational change management

Getting systems up and running quickly and achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily supported deployment are the keys to delivering a fast and reliable return on technology investments. The Infor Services team surrounds you with deployment experts who have decades of experience attaining these objectives. From provisioning and system implementation to performance management and tuning, we help you achieve standardized implementations that incorporate best practices, result in a lower cost of ownership, and set you up to be successful for the long haul.

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  • Implementation and upgrades
  • Cloud migration
  • Data migration
  • Testing automation
  • Performance optimization

Objectives for technology investments cannot be achieved if users work with a new system but don't actively embrace it. Through a combination of classroom and virtual training, end user training, and on-going education subscriptions, the Infor Services team partners with customers to ensure all end users are fully empowered to get maximum value from their Infor solution. Our goal is to make end users' jobs easier and help them operate more efficiently, with the ultimate objective of enabling our customers to better serve their own.

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  • Classroom and virtual training
  • End user training
  • Education subscriptions

The Infor Services team is set up to provide whatever level of support you require. Through our managed services offerings, we can run your systems end-to-end or just provide support for certain aspects of your deployments. We cover all operational services, including service desk, system administration, capacity planning, facility management, service pack/hot fix, maintenance, backup, recovery, and archiving, as well as a full range of services for optimum application performance. We also offer technical services such as customization care and functional application management support.

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  • Application management services
  • Post production support
  • Process monitoring
  • Data lifecycle management

On-going support for technology investments is critical, and needs vary from organization to organization. Our award-winning support team provides comprehensive support for companies of all shapes and sizes—from day-to-day incident resolution to services such as decision support and system monitoring.

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  • Cloud support services
  • Flexible options—essential, premium, and elite support
  • Global support, with support professionals located in 28 countries

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  • Do you need an Infor System Architect to configure and support your financial system implementation?
  • Are you looking for a business process expert to review your current state business processes as you prepare for your HCM upgrade?
  • Do you need a project manager for your upcoming migration to the cloud?

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Your journey to the cloud

Are you ready to realize the full potential of the cloud? Infor Services can help you transform your business with an end to end cloud delivery model that will simplify and accelerate your journey and provide expertise, guidance, and support along the way.

Ready to begin? Get started with these six simple steps.

Meet the Infor Cloud experts
Step 1: Meet the Infor Cloud experts

Infor offers integrated teams with application, industry, and cloud expertise who can walk you through every step of your cloud transformation. These teams collaborate across all areas of Infor to create uniform delivery methods, localize project challenges, and develop standards for customer success. They’ve been through numerous cloud implementations, and understand the big picture—and the small details. Their goal is to make sure that your cloud transformation is a success—from provisioning to post-deployment support and education.

Discover your options
Step 2: Discover your options

To figure out the best path forward for your organization, the Infor Cloud sales consulting and delivery teams will work with you to:

  • Mobilize—Align executives, get agreement on goals, discover key gap areas, and understand the full impact of moving to the cloud
  • Innovate—around core operations; finance, HR, supply chain, and more
  • Optimize—take advantage of the Infor solutions you already have, and identify ways to achieve even more, while transitioning to the cloud
Prove the value
Step 3: Prove the value

Not sure about the value of moving to the cloud? We’ll demonstrate it through a complete TCO analysis of your new cloud implementation or upgrade. The Infor Value Engineering team will help uncover the pains that constrain your business process, benchmark your current implementation versus best-in-class deployments, and create a readiness and risk assessment. We’ll help you develop a governance structure and, moving forward, will participate in governance meetings to facilitate enhancement of your performance metrics.

best practices
Step 4: Lead with best practices

Infor Services consultants and industry experts have been working on cloud deployments for a long time, and bring that experience to bear on every cloud transformation they undertake. But we don’t stop there. To help you achieve success in the cloud, we also offer Implementation Accelerators tailored specifically by industry. These Implementation Accelerators make the move to the cloud more quick and efficient, with predictable outcomes and lower total cost of ownership, so you can take advantage of industry best practices.

Validate security
Step 5: Validate security

We realize that making a move to the cloud is a big step. To help ensure that you understand what we’re doing to keep your applications and data secure, we’ll hold technical infrastructure workshops with you. This will give you and your team a chance to ask questions and make certain we’re addressing your security and compliance needs. We want everyone in your organization, from your CIO to your CEO, to feel confident that we can safely run your applications in the cloud.

Step 6: Get set for success

As you move your apps to the cloud, we want to help make sure you’re consistently evolving your business, deriving ongoing benefits from your cloud implementation, and taking advantage of new releases. To position you for success, we deliver an array of Education, Support, and Customer Success Management services that are designed to do one thing and that is to keep you successful after your cloud implementation.

Customer stories

Concordia Plan Services


Concordia wanted to create a formalized business development group to increase its market penetration. The organization also wanted to make its systems more convenient by adding a personalized customer-facing portal that would consolidate information from multiple sources. Learn how they achieved these objectives and saved $400,000 annually with Infor CloudSuite Healthcare.



Ferrari sought to implement a new supply chain & manufacturing process for the launch of new V6 and V8 turbo engine families for Maserati, which is also part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company. Learn how they reduced the capital investment previously required for inventory and eliminated the risk of insufficient materials along the production line with Infor LN.

V.T. Garment

V.T. Garment

VT Garment needed to improve its processes for purchasing raw materials, as well as tracking and locating inventory within facilities. Learn how they use Infor SyteLine to make quick decisions about forecasted lead times, inventory, and production capacity, allowing the company to be agile in the fast-paced fashion industry.

First Transit

First Transit

First Transit needed a single way to manage and track the maintenance performed on vehicles owned by its customers and the company itself. Learn how they use Infor EAM to increase operational efficiency and reduce service delivery costs.

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Infor has the footprint and capabilities of a global software organization and the mentality of a start-up. We pride ourselves on getting things done and thinking differently. Whether you’re interested in working with brewers or defense contractors, healthcare providers or hotels; whether you want to focus on new mobile technologies or foundational ERP, CRM or talent science, Infor Services offers many opportunities to define your career. Supporting your goals enhances Infor’s ability to achieve our own. Join Infor Services, find your passion and help us execute on our mission to make Infor customers successful.

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